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One of the most common questions I see in author interviews is, “What advice would you give new writers?” The advice I give to new writers is simple — Don’t give up. Writing is hard work. Writing for publication can be even harder and unbelievably discouraging.

Once you have a complete manuscript, you have to revise it, edit it, and polish it some more. Then you search for a publisher or agent who takes stories like yours, and you have to write an amazing query letter and gripping synopsis. You send off your submission, sit back, and wait for an acceptance letter or a request for your full manuscript.

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Life is good.

Then the rejection letters start rolling in. Maybe they have useful information about why your submission was rejected, but most of the time they are very nice, very generic form letters. At this point, you have two choices: continue sending out submissions or give up on ever seeing your work published.

Authors have to develop a thick skin. Not just to survive the submission process and the inevitable rejections, but to survive an editor marking up a story you thought was perfectly written. Readers who slam your work and give it one star. The sting of reviews that criticize your plot, characters, or writing style.

Being an author isn’t easy. Even after you make it through the hard and often discouraging work to see your book published and for sale, your job isn’t done. Promotion is one of the responsibilities authors must shoulder while trying to write the next book. Although it’s necessary, trying to figure out how to successfully connect with readers and promote your book is challenging for many authors.

Below are links to a few resources I’ve found useful on my journey to publication and navigating the world of marketing and promotion.

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