Love and Diamonds

Love and Diamonds cover artLove And Diamonds is a collection of romantic stories for Valentine's Day by various Astraea Press authors. So set back and relax while you fall in love all over again.

Authors include: Amy Mullen, Brenda Maxfield, E. A. West, Vivian Roycroft, Heather Gray, J. L. Salter, Jennifer Gravely, Kathy Bosman, Kelly Martin, Kristine Cheney, Liz Botts, Nicole Zoltak, Patricia Kiyono, Sherry Gloag and Zanna Mackenzie.



The Heart of Africa by E.A. West


A pair of thuds on the wooden porch of the mission’s main building interrupted the paperwork in front of Mara Taylor.

“What on earth?” She rose from the beat-up desk to check on the noise, but Gary Delaney’s arrival stopped her.

“Wait here,” he said as he crossed the small, brick-walled office. “Let me make sure it’s safe first.”

Mara’s heart pounded as she watched him cautiously open the weathered wood door. Even though the rural area surrounding the mission had been fairly quiet in recent weeks, Central African Republic was far from safe. Between the rebels running nearby diamond mines and the government forces trying to regain control of the country’s security, gunfire and violence were disturbingly frequent occurrences.

If God hadn’t called her to this place, she never would have come. Her family thought she was insane for moving to such a dangerous place. Her home church had offered support with a side of skepticism when she announced her intention to come to Central African Republic. Even the American government had recommended against her move. Yet when she arrived at the mission, the people living and working there welcomed her with open arms, providing her with a new family of mixed nationalities. It hadn’t taken long for her to fall for Gary, the missionary doctor from Idaho who ran the place.

The man now peering around the door, his lean body tense.

Mara’s whispered prayer for their safety was interrupted when Gary suddenly straightened and turned toward her.

“It’s injured children. Help me bring them inside.”

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